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Recycled Plastics

Recycled Plastics

Our association with the operations of recycling of plastics is deep. We advise on, manage and drive the setting up of efficient recycling units for customers’ own use and for supplies to their customers. We handle the operations which are thoughtfully segregated into sections in consideration of the criticality and complexity associated with the project. Every section is driven by qualified, experienced and industry recognised professionals to offer assured results. Our core team of consultants help our customers in every step of the project with meticulous result oriented services and advices.

Our project managing team has got proven record in dealing with the plastics recycling business and its core requirements to offer end to end solutions. They are inspired by the envisioned magnitude and the crucial role of effective recycling in environment protection and business effeciency.

We are skilled in this field of work and have in-depth knowledge and expertise to deal with the machinery and other equipments related to plastics recycling. We are well positioned in executing the selection and setup of machinery for small to large size operations. We design the machinery setup, source the machinery, install and provide training. We offer annual maintenance service too.

While executing every activity, our prime focus remains put on achieving quality, consistency and most importantly, gaining and maintaining the trust of the customers which we value as the key asset.

Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic Crushing Machine

Plastic Grinding Machine

Plastic Washing Line

Plastic Extrution Machine

Plastic Pelletizing Machine