Dewan Project Tech


Our Services

Project Management

We use project management methodology for diverse activities including operations, set-up, purchase and procurement where, we add value and ensure a favourable outcome. We manage projects having strong hold on every activity and ensure the project moves on right track throughout the trajectory. 


We drive the procurement in coordination with the in-house team under the strategic tie-up with senior management. It starts with the designing RFP document, floating tenders, evaluation of vendors, shortlisting vendors, finalisation of last three / five vendors and selection of most suitable supplier at the end. Further, we conclude the contractual agreement and we also ensure the vendor follows the contract till the completion of project. 

Purchase Solutions

We collaborate with the organisations more specifically with their internal teams such as SCM and finance to ensure the purchase activity goes smooth and hassle free. During our association, we are responsible for the activities as mentioned below 

Spares & Sourcing

Dewan Project Tech has got huge amount specialised skills in the area of Spares & Sourcing. In this activity, the organisation enhancing it’s skillset to support their clients. We source, identify and certify the genuineness of material, spares, machinery and the suppliers’ authenticity. The detailed process and capability as specified below.