Dewan Project Tech


Director’s Profile

Mr. Dhiraj Dewan has deep understanding about the sourcing, production, material and project management with a rich experience of more than three decades. His growing interest and in-depth knowledge in every field, remarkably impressive. He studied BSc Chemistry from Mumbai University

He started his career in the year 1989. He had a long and continuous corporate career from 1989 to 2020. During three decades, he was associated with reputed companies and few of them are Bonhomie Plastics, Jolly Containers and SSF plastics.

He is a passionate front-runner with the effective leadership and spearheaded the team to achieve desired goals throughout his career. During his 30 years long career, Mr. Dhiraj Dewan spent a larger part of his tenure as a lead role in the field of purchase, procurement and project management.

Having comprehensive professional knowledge over ascertaining quality and sourcing management, he also handled production works with clear objectives.

He handled every activity from thought stage to Execution and from raw material stage to the stage of finished product.He is a dynamic, result-oriented leader with proven track record, and consistently maintained the same in his vast career journey. He is best at leading and managing the purchase and procurement for medium to large-scale projects and bringing right suppliers / vendors on board. He has amazing interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple, complex and complicated issues with ease.

He embraced a finest habit of continuous learning in the space of purchase & procurement and he is recognised as he is one of the lead professionals with hidden talents in this zone.He has expertise in Vendor development, price negotiation, budgeting & finalising contracts, procurement of engineering goods, procurement of packaging materials and coordination involved into the procurement & installations. He has additional skills such as networking & collaboration, cross-functional responsibilities, and general & strategic procurement.

He is known for his aggressive and proactive involvement for longer hours, throughout in his career. He had worked at very high value projects, where he was responsible for error-free operations. The seriousness, continuous attention and keeping the project on right track were the main factors where Mr. Dhiraj is dynamically justified his presence. He had been the main arm of every project wherever, he was deployed.

During his long tenure, he handled successfully the small to medium and large projects. Mr. Dhiraj is very effective and vibrant who has been the part of the team as well as part of the mid-level management and equally was part of the senior management as a strategic role player.