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About Us

Dewan Project Tech

Dewan Project Tech is exceedingly experienced, in-depth knowledgeable and has got the ability to deliver as committed. It is driven by the innovative processes, systems and standard operating procedures.

The organisation has got a strong support of his team who continuously work towards to revise and refine the systems and processes with respect to the time as a consistent activity. This firm is a pioneer in the field of purchase, procurement and project management offerings.

We are exceptionally professional to work with the industries such as large size plastic industries, recycle plastic, Pharma, Engineering & Electrical, Food & Beverages.

We conceptualised the new and innovative offerings to provide conspicuous economic advantage to the organisations of all categories and every industry who are struggling to bring efficiency in the segment of purchase, procurement and managing the projects.

We re-designed, re-engineered and restructured the operations of the purchase and procurement segment having a deep study of the available and existing processes.We drive and take care of tendering, evaluation and vendor selection process from one end to another end to the maximum extent to most suitable to the respective organisations. We design the Request For Proposal (RFP) with respect to the industry norms and project requirement.We have broad networking to fulfil every need of the organisations irrespective of size, segment and geographies. Our team is highly efficient in sourcing of materials at the least possible time.

The team is committed to work as per the directives and the policies of the organisations. Also, the team is efficient enough to deliver, keeping the organisations’ interest always uppermost.We help organisations to identify their needs and fulfil the procurement of those needs. We design a strategic and proactive process to help the organisation to achieve efficiency at every stage. We also help organisations to make a meticulous assessment over the goods and services.Our team will own complete responsibility during their involvement in the process of acquiring the goods and services. We design / customise the processes depending upon the requirement and the organisations’ need.

The developed process is going to be highly transparent ensuring zero inefficiencies, bad practices and corruptions.Before we move ahead, we understand and identify the business requirement such as authorising purchase request, approving request and then identifying appropriate vendors. The process is going to be simple and sequential.We have a team of experienced professionals who have proven track record to manage the projects of complex to complicated and massive projects .

Under the project management, we take care of manufacturing units, train the team involved into manufacturing, engineering projects and any other. Vastly, we are beneficial for the organisations to drive the projects under our competent supervision.We would join the organisation after initiating of project work.

We take care of planning, Coordination with different parties, budgeting, Execution & coordination and drive towards the successful closure.We also responsible for the integration of multiple products to form as a single  or resultant as planned. During the involvement, our primary objective is to ensure the quality and efficiency at every stage.

Our Vision

Consistently and forever, we maintain ourselves as Extremely effective, Equally competent and Professionally efficient in the relevant field to support industries for their medium to large-scale operations with techno innovative processes.

Our Mission

To be accountable, committed and trained for every operation for the quality, timelines and successful completion. We further assure the flow of operation is smooth, hassle free and cost effective.