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Project Management Frameworks Competencies

What are the Project Management Frameworks Competencies and Assessments?

Onsite Services and Online Services

To understand the Project Management Frameworks Competencies we aim to help clients to reinforce their ability to deliver projects and programs. Our project industry services improve project delivery capability at the individual and organizational levels. Dewan Project Tech\’s working idealism is this by providing coaching & process assets that make a real difference. At the identical time, always achieving skills transfer when working with clients.

Ways we can support you: On-site or Online Consultancy

We can support clients either by engaging at your site or increasingly by using online tools. This incorporates a variety of advantages for any business. The online option also means you simply procure the time (hours) of support used.

Our Approach

As a Business Consultant, Dewan Project Tech do not prove on “one process fits all”. Our people actively hear clients, appreciate their culture and therefore the way they operate, and understand their issues. This ensures there are a transparent understanding and improvement objectives.

In terms of the PM process, we do not promote any sort of bureaucratic process. Too many methods include elements that are never exhausted practice. Our view is that this could be counterproductive and harmful.

A great example of this could be what we call the “one-page business case”. it\’s a large improvement over traditional methods. Other elements of our approach include the due to capture key information in ways within which simplify and improve communication.. Again the one-page business case does this perfectly.

Consultancy Service Areas

We provide support within the subsequent areas:

  • Project Manager Coaching
  • Implementing Agile – with Agile style Governance
  • Developing a PM framework that matches your organization
  • Project Organization and Competency Models
  • Project Management Assessments – Tools and repair
  • Benefits Planning, Management, and Realization
  • Project Governance Models and Frameworks
  • Non-bureaucratic Project Management Framework Development
  • Earned Value Management Support and Implementation
  • Capability and Maturity Assessment
  • Project Assessments

Implementation Support:

We also provide:

  • Active support and participation on projects during a variety of how. as an example, Process development and improvement, within the PM process or specific areas, like Benefits or Risk.
  • Implementation support, engaged in real projects instead of generic coaching.
  • Further specialist services, like risk assessments