Dewan Project Tech

Dewan Project Tech is expert in providing PURCHASE SOLUTIONS

Dewan Project Tech is expert in providing PURCHASE SOLUTIONS

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  • We collaborate with the organizations more specifically with their internal teams such as SCM, Technical, and to understanding requirements. Identifying the resource in consideration of technical and commercial aspects auditing analyzing the vendor to ensure the purchase activity goes smooth and hassle-free. During our association, we are liable for the activities mentioned above.
  • Primarily, the main target is to make sure timely supply of products, production of material, and equipment for smooth production and sales process.
  • Advice in consideration to studies every inventory level of each product requirement for product purchase.
  • We would get the suppliers on board at a genuine price by internal audits, sample approval, considering commercial factors, with various commercial sources. In-depth study of the product, the major content of quality factor within timely delivery. In order to get the cycle completed.
  • Monitoring the expenses with the budgetary figures. Monitoring of material received as per the consignment. Mapping the material specs with the ordered specs. Payment certification with reference to the delivered consignment.
  • We ensure precautionary measures to avoid the control of the inventory which may lead to organizations on the commercial factors.
  • We execute with essential of five ‘R\’s These are Right Quality, Right Location, Right Quantity, Right Time, and Right Price.
  • Safeguard Industries to avoid unnecessary investment over the merchandise which can cause warehousing the surplus products.
  • We would take complete responsibility for cost-saving.
  • We introduce cost-effective systems and processes. We bring the ineffective systems to ensure cost control and continuity of process execution.
  • We would assure the stability of price, quality, commercials, and technical factors.
  • In any case, of an increase in the price, we study and implement the forecast for price control. attempt to bring down the value by negotiating with the suppliers/vendors, we help the organization to keep the product highly competent in the market.
  • We are liable for the coordination between suppliers and manufacturing departments to make sure a smooth transition of materials. We also make sure the manufacturing department would get the availability with no delay.
  • We would follow a proper requisitioning system within the organization.
  • We would divide our role of purchasing into strategic purchasing and operation purchasing to satisfy the general organization’s purchase requirement.
  • We Resource materials origin required from industry, proper machinery in all technical aspects, catering all industries to the expertise of teamwork and specialization of Dewan Project Tech.




  • It helps you gain ideation of lower overall cost.
  • A good requisitioning method would be followed throughout the organization.
  • In addition, we ensure that the production department would have access to the materials without delay.
  • Mapping the material specs with the ordered specs.
  • Payment certification with respect to the delivered consignment as per the PO process.
  • There is a risk reduction as it will be made sure about the supplier\’s overall background and security concerns.
  • Innovation of new solutions and a follow-up of the work process are taken into consideration at all times.
  • Purchase supply chain which helps in optimization and improves transparency and visibility.
  • One should definitely approach Dewan Project Tech as It is our responsibility to guarantee the smooth transfer of materials between suppliers and manufacturing divisions.
  • We would ensure that the pricing would remain stable during the duration of the project depending on the delivery time.
  • We assist the organization in maintaining the product\’s competitiveness in the market.

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